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Environmental Reports

  Title Date Author

A Baseline Study of Greenland Halibut off the Faroe Islands 01-11-2000 RF - Rogaland Research

An Experiment on how seismic shooting affects caged fish.pdf(393 KB)
01-08-2002 Faroes Fisheries Laboratory

Bentic Baseline Survey of the Faroes offshore licence areas 001-004 April-June 2001 01-06-2001 Akvaplan-Niva, Polarmiljøsenteret, Tromsø

Coastal Baseline - Exposure and effects of PAH in the coastal zone around the Faroe Islands 01-01-2004 Food and Environmental Agency

Coastal Protection Plans Faroe Islands 01-01-2001 Cordah Limited

Dispersion and vulnerability of marine birds and cetaceans   Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Effect of seismis activity on the fisheries at the faroe islands.pdf(6,44 MB)
01-01-1999 Faroese Fisheries Laboratory

Environmental baseline survey of the Faroe offshore licence areas 001 - 004 in the Faroe - Shetland Channel, 2001 01-01-2002 Akvaplan-niva

Environmental Impact Assessment 01-01-2001 Alpha Environmental Consultants

Environmental Impact Assessment - addendum 07-04-2004 Alpha Environmental Consultants

Environmental Risk Assessment 01-02-2001 Det Norske Veritas

Environmental workshop on the ecosystem modelling of Faroese waters 01-09-2002 Faroese Fisheries Laboratory et al.

Expert Review of Seabed Fauna and Chemistry 01-01-2001 Southampton Oceanography Centre, SEAS/Akvaplan-niva, Kaldbak Lab

Faroe Islands Coastal Resources and Prioritisation Maps 01-09-2003 The Food, Veterinary and Environmental Agency

Fisheries in Faroese Waters 01-03-1999 Faroese Fisheries Laboratory

Fishing Data and Seismic Activity for the Faroes (The GIS files can be read with software from ESRI (ArcView) or a freeware version of ArcExplorer) 01-05-2005 Det Norske Veritas

Fishing Data for the Faroes 01-05-2005 Det Norske Veritas

Macrozooplankton in the Faroe-Shetland Channel 01-05-2003 The Faroese Fisheries Laboratory

Marine biological investigations and assemblages of benthic invertebrates from the Faroe Islands 01-01-1999 Kaldbak Marine Biological Laboratory

Marine Mammals in Faroese Waters 01-01-2000 Faroese Natural History Museum / Fisheries Laboratory

Oil Drift Simulations Faeroe Islands [GEM License 003] 01-01-2001 Sintef

Oil spill sensitivity maps and coastal protection plans for the Faroe Islands 01-06-2001 Cordah Limited

Populations of Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins in Faroese Waters as Documented by Ringed Birds 01-01-2000 Faroese Fishery Laboratory

Subsurface blowout final report rev1 (GEM Report) 24-01-2001 Sintef

The Distribution of Seabirds and Cetaceans around the Faroe Islands 01-01-2001 Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Umvhørvi og oljuleiting 01-09-2005 HFS/FOÍB